1 Moon Day

This is an ideal day to create plans and can mark the start of meaningful beginnings. However, you should remember not to pursue a new issue or direction too eagerly as long as the Moon is still hidden from view. You can however jot down your intentions regarding this new activity in your journal and anticipate for it when the new month arrives. You may also think carefully about your next course of action. Plan wisely and act cautiously towards this new intention. Set aside other activities for other days.

1 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbols: the lantern, the lamp, the altar of Hecate, Pallas Athena. This lunar day is unfavourable for group work. It is necessary to return to basics, to remember your childhood, to read a book on the history of your nation, to analyze the past path. The day of creative ideas. It is as if specially designed to work with mental energy, with mental images.

As a rule, one should not start anything on this day, only plan. In the medical respect, the first lunar day is related to the brain and the facial part of the head. One should not over-exert on this day, should not drink alcohol or eat too hot or too spicy food. Physiologically, this is a difficult day, it tightens the internal organs.

Those who were born on this day are always awaiting for something great. They can spend like this the whole of their life and never get their stellar hour. Sometimes it dawns at them and they perform a feat. They must involve themselves into an activity suddenly and brightly.

Influence on health: Head is active, particularly brain. Clean frontal and Highmore sinuses. Make procedures for eyes.

Nutrition tips: Vegetarian diet is recommended. Avoid hot, spicy, fattening food. Strong tea, coffee or alcohol is not recommended.

Lunar Day 1 Dreams

In the 1st lunar day, before you can go to sleep you can adjust itself to the nearest lunar month has been your wildest dreams and desires, but they must be constructive, otherwise you will hurt yourself. At this time you can see the dreams that will show you what to expect in the next month, but these dreams are just sketches. If you do not like the dream, just try to analyze it, to draw conclusions and release, it will dissipate itself. If in your dream you saw what you wanted, do not forget to include it in your plan for the lunar month. Some dreams can be fulfilled.

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