9 Moon Day

You will experience resistance, aggressive divergence and a higher level of peril. You are not advised to begin anything new today, more so if it is linked to financial or material matters. What you can do, is indulge in gardening as well as any pet or plant related activity.

9 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - bat. A satanic day. Brings seductions, illusions, deceptions, bad signs that need to be analysed. There can be agonizing dreams, poisonings. One needs to purify oneself from physical and astral slags, to actively protect oneself from negative influences, forgive offenders, do weight-lifting exercises. One should not look into a mirror, and it would be especially bad to break a mirror. Flowering cactus is a good sign. Bad signs: spilled milk (if a breast-feeding mother’s milk stops on this day, the child may be punished), oppressive feeling in the chest (one has accumulated a lot of problems).

Influence on health: Breast is active. One can practice exercises of force. One can also soften the organism for liver cleaning.

Nutrition tips: It is a good day for fasting, Eat delicate food. Do not take artificial origin products, not natural drinks, pastries, etc. Solid grain porridge is preferable. Fish is Ok. Do not overeat, it is very dangerous this day. Avoid mushrooms, meat and long vegetables.

Lunar Day 9 Dreams

Dreams on this lunar day may show the internal conflict hidden in the subconscious. The dream can be unpleasant and even terrible, but it tells you about the problems only, that are lurking in your subconscious and usually due to your karmic problems that need to be resolved. Since energy of this day is difficult the dreams can be not easy. But be afraid of them is not necessary, as to attach great importance to the images appearing on this day in a dream. Just analyze the dream and extract useful information or throw the dream away and forget saying: ‘Where the night there and dream’.

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