17 Moon Day

Couples who are thinking of tying the knot, planning an addition to the family, taking a vacation or generally just doing spring cleaning should schedule these tasks and perform them today. Any activity concerning land or houses will be see good results. This day is considered to be negative by Albert the Great.

17 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the bell. The day of acquiring inner freedom, accumulation, fertility, joy of being, finding the ideal love. Good for getting married (the marriage will be based on love), conjugal relationship, joy, relaxation, sublimation of sexual energy. This day is connected with transformation of feminine energy. It is recommended to have some cold dry wine, or warm Cahors wine - the symbol of cognition of eternity and ecstasy. However, one should not booze and run amok.

Influence on health: Kidneys are active. Favorable day to master asanas of force.

Nutrition tips: This day is for gourmands, but do not overeat. It is important to prepare something special, unusual, tasty. The best time for experiments. Any food and red wine is allowed. Grape and exotic fruits are very favorable.

Lunar Day 17 Dreams

Dreams of 17-th lunar day is associated with the female energy including its sexual aspect. So the dreams in this day are a reflection of how harmonious you use your sexual energy. The dreams can show how you have suppressed it. Of course, first you need to understand what it not means passionate sexual desire but it means the ability of creatively realisation through communication with the opposite sex. So if you are able to determine the degree of tension, try to find a creative realisation for your sexual energy. If you have a pleasant dreams in this day, it means that you are quite creative and you have all right in relations with the opposite sex. If you have a not pleasant dreams, then you need to pay more attention to the manifestation of your creativity and to improve your relationship with opposite sex.

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