24 Moon Day

For the Europeans, today is much like a neutral day but the Veda and Avesta traditions states that your carnal and physical forces will be upped. Quarrels, threats and competition from rivals will come from all direction. You should refrain from beginning new endeavors especially if it concerns monetary gains.

24 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the bear. The day of awakening and transformation. A revelation and an enormous energy can pour down on someone. A beneficial day for subduing one’s physical nature, sexual energy, for conceiving and healing. One should strengthen their health and elevate their spiritual level. One can lay the foundation of a house or a temple. Rapists and sadists are prosecuted.

Influence on health: Muscle-strengthening physical exercises and yoga are favorable. Use that day to strengthen your health.

Nutrition tips: This day the food should be diverse and nutritious. fermented milk and milk products are favorable. A little dry wine is allowed. Fasting is not recommended.

Lunar Day 24 Dreams

The dreams of this lunar day show the status of your sexual energy, your creative power, your inner strength. If the dreams in this day are good, then you have everything all right. If you dreamed something bad, then look out for the energy escape - or have not established relationships with the opposite sex, or you do not sufficiently creatively manifest yourself in the life, or many your internal strength was spent and you should do energy recovery. Sometimes on this lunar day you can see in the dream your past lives, in this case the life gives you direct instruction to the problem you need to solve.

Moon Days

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Moon Phase: First Quarter
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