18 Moon Day

Positive energy will generally be felt today. Long term endeavors concerning financial gains are favored. Thinking of seeing the doctor, getting a second medical opinion or curing illnesses? There’s never a better day to do so today but beware, serious illnesses may worsen today.

18 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the mirror. A passive day that can become difficult and bring falling into sin through unwillingness to fight the lowly instincts and temptations. One should work on one’s evil thoughts, renounce one’s from vanity and egotism. it is okay to go to baths, to cleanse intestine, skin, to have a massage. On this day, the surrounding reality as if reflects our inner essence. It is undesirable to drink wine, smoke, sleep too much, eat meaty food. Nuts and plenty of vegetable oil are preferred. Skin diseases and opening old wounds are the signs of violation of the law of cosmic evolution.

Influence on health: Kidneys are active. Clean intestine, kidneys; fasting is recommended. Clean skin; massage and bath with good vapor are recommended.

Nutrition tips: The main product is nut. Avoid meat and strong drinks. Red wine is allowed. In general the ideal day for your body unload. Take more vegetable oil.

Lunar Day 18 Dreams

The dreams of this lunar day are a reflection of ourselves. If you dream that you are active and energetic, but in the life on the contrary you are very discouraged and passive, then you must seek a balance. You should try to be active and energetic in some situations and to be patience in the other. If in the dream you are the same as in the life and you have no desire for change yourself, then in your subconscious mind have no contradictions with your ideas about yourself. If the dream pointed to the imbalance and the contradictions in the subconscious mind, then you should write this dream and during 18-th lunar day you need to see what problems will be shown to you and start to work with it. Also the dreams can specify that prevent you live. In this dreams can be hints as to overcome problems including health. Good dream in this lunar day portends you a profit and successful acquisitions.

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Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous