30 Moon Day

Unlike the day before, the 30th Moon Day is a fortunate one which rarely occurs each month. It marks great new beginnings. Those afflicted with illnesses will recover quickly and endeavours that began previously will now end most excellently. You are recommended to be as giving as you can as well as give credit where credit is due.

30 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the golden swan. The day of love, forgiveness, penance, rejection of everything unneeded, accepting a spiritual initiation and transition onto the next cycle of development. One should analyze one’s path and try to wipe out all sins. It is good to complete activities, to return debts, to give joy to other people. One can work with stones, clean the house, in particular by bringing in talismans, like horseshoe. Food should not be rough. This is the day of sacrifice and summarizing the past month. A barking dog is a warning about a mistake done in the past month.

Influence on health: It a day for cardiac muscle cleansing. Light diet is recommended.

Nutrition tips: It is better to have a rest during this last day of lunar month. Take more vegetables and fruits, Prepare delicate food. Give yourself a treat with sweets.

Lunar Day 30 Dreams

In this lunar day you can see the bright and happy dreams that are usually come true. This dreams can be as result of the past month, or this dreams can show what you need to be done in the next lunar month. This lunar day rare comes, therefore be especially attentive to the dreams of this day. Write down this dreams, and review what you have done, and where you should pay attention and make a effort.

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