6 Moon Day

It is a most fortunate day today and is ideal for activities that involves use of the human intellect, spiritual endeavors and locating missing individuals, pets or any object in general. Recovery and being in the pink of health is also very likely today. The Vedic tradition suggests that erecting a new building or property can be very advantageous to everyone.

6 Moon Day Interpretation

The symbol is a crane. This day is related to assimilation of cosmic energy, finding the Grace, love, forgiveness, prophesies, mental and verbal work. Good for rejuvenation. Clear or completely covered with clouds sky - a sign of absence of harmony in the world. Good signs: clouds in the sky, melodious chime.

Influence on health: Cosmic energy (prana) would be good digested. Perform anti-aging treatment, clean your upper airways, bronchi.

Nutrition tips: This day water elements are active, mostly take care of your kidneys. Beer, a lot of water, milk or dairy produce can be harmful. Avoid any cleaning procedures.

Lunar Day 6 Dreams

All you have dreamed in this lunar day can be considered as a revelation of the upper forces. These dreams often show which deeds should be completed and preferably quickly. In this dream you can see the people to whom you owe a debt. But always remember that dreams should be properly interpreted, therefore, your feelings are very important to understanding any dream, especially in this lunar day. On this day you can ask a question to the Higher powers, waking up be sure to write down a dream and carefully analyze it using intuition, because the answer can be covered in symbols.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 50%
Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Moon Phase: Third Quarter