15 Moon Day

The European and Vedic traditions view today as an unbiased day that favors physical and romantic activities. According to the Vedic books, today can be a great day to begin new endeavors but for Globa, it marks a Satanic day with grave effects.

15 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - a snake. This is a satanic day, with temptations of flesh, astral battles, intensification of the "internal snake" in each person. One must defend justice, observe penance, defeat one’s own flesh. A sleep on the eve of this day will be prophetic for a month. One should not submit to suggestion and should not eat apples. A quarrel is a bad sign, a dog, even if barking, is a good sign.

Influence on health: Pancreas, diaphragm are active. It is good to fast or keep diet.

Nutrition tips: Take only fresh and quality food. Spicy, hot and lenten food, fresh vegetables and fruits, porridges and herbal tea are very good. Avoid strong tea, coffee, alcohol. For memory improvement use viburnum. Japanese kitchen is recommended. Take beans, barley and kidney bean. Do not take apples, cabbage, garlic, eggs and long vegetables. Paprika, cranberry, red ashberry, nettle and home-made jams are allowed.

Lunar Day 15 Dreams

Dreams of this lunar day can be different, it depends on your inner state. If you had the bright good dream it may come true, but not worth to tell anyone about it. If you had dream about something heavy it means your internal state is in imbalance, take care of yourself. By the nature of your dreams you can determine what energy in your subconscious dominates now - light or dark. In this day are often prophetic dreams that give information on the next month.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 99%
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous