4 Moon Day

The fourth Moon Day bears contradictions when it comes to different lunar traditions. According to the Avesta and Vedic beliefs, nothing promising will happen today but it is ideal to eliminate differences and old fashioned practices. You should also not begin any new endeavors if you stand to receive anything out of this. The opposite is advocated by the European tradition that states that today is ideal to begin new things, especially in the event of locating a missing object. Anyone dealing with business that has something to do with water will experience fortune.

4 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol: the Tree of Knowledge, the choice between the good and the evil. On this day (which would be best of all spent alone) one should think ten times before making a decision. This lunar day is the first between inauspicious ones. It bears in it an ambiguous quality: it is both positive and negative at the same time. One should try not to make hasty decisions. Group work is contra-indicated, one should not pick flowers or cut trees. On this lunar day it is good to spin, to walk in the forest, to undo knitting.

People born on this day are the bearers of some cosmic mystery; it is desirable for each of them to solve this mystery inside themselves on the intuitive level. Sewing or twisted hair in a dream on the eve of this day is a sign that one should reject their plans. Stones: sardonyx, amazon-stone, green nephrite.

Influence on health: Neck and vocal cords are active. It is advisable to chant sacred singing.

Nutrition tips: Delicate, substantial food like vegetable ragout, salads, boiled vegetables are preferable. Sedative herbal tea can bring a favorable effect. Use melissa, chamomile and mint. Make a bakery dough for bread and custard pies.

Lunar Day 4 Dreams

Dreams in this lunar day can come true, particularly in color. In these dreams might be your parents or relatives, it means you need to analyze what problem you have inherited from them and start solving it. If your dream is about some kind of threat - it is a warning to be especially careful in choosing your line of conduct. The images in your dreams in this day specify the ‘fall’ fields in your inner world.

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