22 Moon Day

According to European tradition, babies born on the 22nd Moon Day will have the chance to grow up and be good individuals. Vedic scriptures denote that today is indeed lucky for journeys and traveling. On the other hand, Globa suggests you dedicate this day towards studying various scientific topics.

22 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the elephant. Wisdom, firmness, the Universal Law, hidden knowledge, informational field. The day for achieving a goal, studying sciences, trades, understanding one’s own roots. One should be finding out the future, meditating, teaching others, transfer experience, be generous, altruistic. It is recommended to eat a lot. One should not be conservative.

Influence on health: Take care of your pelvic girdle, sacral bone, lower part of backbone. Fast and hunger are not recommended.

Nutrition tips: Any food is allowed. Ganesha, a well-known epicure, is a protector for this day. Eat much today. Prepare dishes of Indian traditional kitchen like laddu, khir. Vegetable food is favorable. Fasting is not recommended.

Lunar Day 22 Dreams

The dreams of this lunar day may have a different importance. They can be simply empty, which did not make sense to interpret, and also they can show you where to go and what direction to change. Since this lunar day is Ganesha (the God of Knowledge which helps to overcome obstacles) through the dream you can solve some problems and can receive revelation and a new knowledge. On this lunar day, before you go to sleep, you can tune yourself to receive a revelation or a knowledge in the dream or you may ask your question. And after you waked up do not forget to write down the received during the dream information.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 99%
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous