29 Moon Day

Major traditions unanimously state that the 29th Moon Day is an unlucky one. You are not to go on trips or begin new endeavors in the hope of getting financial gains. You can however do those mentioned above if you must, and throw away unnecessary belongings.

29 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the octopus. A dangerous satanic day. Bacchanalia of devils, astral mist, illusions, deception. Required are responsibility, opposition to satanism, fasting, penance, healing. One should only do the most necessary routine things, cut false connections, discard negative thoughts, cleanse the body, burn candles, smoke the rooms with Labrador tea. Avoid turbid water and darkness. Food must be mostly baked like pies or pancakes. Bathing or cold bath for feet are good before sleep. Cries, sound of trumpet, continuous musical sounds are a warning about the wrong way.

Influence on health: Buttocks and rectum are in active state. Various ways of cleaning of the whole human organism are advisable.

Nutrition tips: Take only vegetarian food this day. Cereals and grains are favorable. dairy produce can make favorable effect. Prepare home-made pies, pancakes, etc.

Lunar Day 29 Dreams

The energy of this lunar day is difficult and it leaves its imprint on the dreams. Before going to bed light the candle and clear space in the room. During the 29-th lunar day try to maintain the harmony and good mood. The dreams you saw analyze, if it possible, with a psychologist. This dreams can be complicated, unpleasant and frightening. In this case, it is a reflection of your subconscious, that it has accumulated, and from which you should free yourself.

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Moon Phase: Third Quarter