16 Moon Day

The 16th Moon Day is perfect for doing business or taking trips abroad, and generally any activity linked to land, living things like animals and plants and property. If you are thinking of dealing with animals and selling livestock, it’s best to do so today. Today is also an enjoyable day to hold festivals and celebratory occasions.

16 Moon Day Interpretation

The symbol is butterfly. One of the "clean" days. Marked with harmony, equilibrium, justice. One should keep inner comfort, be confident in everything. Forbidden are shouting, unceremonious behaviour, evilness, envy. Sex is counterindicated. Eating animal food and mushrooms is not recommended. One must not kill birds. Dirt on the clothes is a sign of spiritual uncleanliness.

Influence on health: Spleen is active. Physical exercises are advisable, as well as blood cleansing procedures. Animal meal eating is not recommended that day.

Nutrition tips: The food should be substantial but not in excess. Avoid meat, mushrooms, leguminous plants. During this lunar day the blood regenerates, so use turmeric. The best drink is yoga-tea with turmeric. In the evening, not long before sleep, drink milk with turmeric and fennel. Ideally take fruits, vegetables, delicate soup and porridge. Fish is allowed.

Lunar Day 16 Dreams

Dreams of this day usually help to relieve stress or indicate that you are very tense. If you have determined the degree of your tension then look for ways to relax. For example you can use the shavasana, oil massage or relaxing bath. The dreams you saw may be different - harmonious or chaotic. Do not try to interpret them - the main task of this dreams to purify you and to bring your system back into balance. If you see something terrible it means that your subconscious mind is cleaned from the negative. This dreams can even help to get rid of the disease. Also dreams in this lunar day can help to find a balance in life and calm. Even may be communication with your Guardian Angel.

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