28 Moon Day

The 28th Moon Day is a most joyous day. You should take the initiative to begin new endeavors, making friends with important individuals and other acquaintances. Take a holiday today, amuse yourself amongst loved ones, and watch as your vitality increases.

28 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the lotus. A beneficial day. Comprehension of higher truths, acquiring the spiritual consciousness, the alchemy of the soul. One can work with the astral body, with clairvoyance, chakras, dreams, gaining through this the knowledge of one’s previous incarnations. One should be in an elevated mood, should control one’s emotions, peer into oneself. One can be busy with the "earthy" matters - buy a house, make a repair, plant useful plants. One should not cut trees, cut and present flowers.

Influence on health: Eyes, brain are active. Strengthen and take care of your vision. Fasting with juice is recommended.

Nutrition tips: Use greenery with any solid food you take today. Nuts are favorable. Do not forget to drink juices, eat fruits and vegetables. Dry fasting is recommended. Avoid seeds, grains and animal food.

Lunar Day 28 Dreams

In this lunar day you can work with dreams. The dreams can specify the obstacles, difficulties in deeds and ways of overcoming. The dreams in this lunar day are possible prophetic. In this dreams you can see your future. Make a conclusions and remember - the dreams are only warning and they will come true or not depends on you. During the dream you can see who you was in a previous life. In addition, the dreams of this day reflect the sensual world of man, his emotional sphere, the sphere of love, and therefore in the interpretation of the dreams you can consider the obstacles associated with the expression of the love and find a hint for yourself.

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