3 Moon Day

Depending on traditions, the third Moon Day bears different meanings. According to Vedic tradition, you are suggested to pursue a new profession. Avesta recommends you to be fully insistent in your endeavors. However, the opposite is said by the European tradition whereby nothing special will happen in conjunction with this third Moon Day.

3 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol: leopard preparing for a leap. This is a period of active struggle, force and aggression. All passive people are vulnerable during this lunar day as they find themselves under various astral attacks. A person, if he is not a fighter, becomes suspicious and guileful. One should concentrate and use their astral energy for self-protection.

This is the best day for martial arts. On this lunar day, people work with metals, sharpen knives, in ancient times they used to cast silver items on this day. It is desirable to go to a sauna and sweat. Work with all the energies of the biofield is recommended. One should pay special attention to the region of occiput and ears. If there is some pain in this area, cleaning of bones is necessary. Stones recommended for wearing: ruby, pyrite, aventurine.

Influence on health: Back of the head, ears are active. Steam baths and hot baths are advisable.

Nutrition tips: Spicy and meat food is allowed. You can use spices like ginger, chili, clove, mustard, etc.

Lunar Day 3 Dreams

Dreams of this day show how you use the energy given by Higher power. You can understand how your energy flows away or is harmoniously distributed. Dreams in this lunar day rarely come true, they have a value in themselves, and it is important your behavior there. Usually these dreams examine the inner strength of the person. So if in a dream there were elements of the fight or obstacles, resistance, and you did not overawed, it means your inner forces are in good state. If you woke up with a feeling of depression, you should mentally finalize the dream, as you overcome the obstacle and win.

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Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous