25 Moon Day

Major traditions have different things to foretell today. Albert the Great think today will be an inauspicious day whereas Vronsky and Veda foretell that you will experience luck if you go on journeys or perform business trades. Veda also suggests you begin crucial endeavors today but Globa thinks you should not exert yourself and instead be passive and meditative.

25 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - vessels with live and dead water. A passive, contemplative day. It gives solitude and concentration on spiritual problems. One should cleanse their body from debris, listen to their inner voice. One could undertake a medical fasting. Hastiness is counterindicated. Clearhearing is a sign of slavish dependence on someone.

Influence on health: Ears are active. Body organs cleansing, fasting and cleaning breathing practices will make you good.

Nutrition tips: A good day for purification. Fasting is recommended. Do not drink much. Avoid roughage. Mushrooms and melons are not recommended. Take dairy produce, especially curd, but not too much. Custard pies are favorable.

Lunar Day 25 Dreams

It is believed that this lunar day is a day of prophetic dreams. It is important in this day to interpret dreams using the intuition. Even if the images in the dream are very clear you need still listen to your inner voice. If in the dream you saw something unpleasant, in the morning you should read a prayer and take the shower under cold running water.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 99%
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous