2 Moon Day

This day is perfect to advocate new beginnings. It is also ideal for those thinking to start a family or build a new abode. You are advised to plan your home relocation, extended trips and property purchasing activities but do proceed with care as you may encounter financial difficulty or theft.

2 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbols: mouth, horn of plenty. Diet makes a wholesome influence. It is good to make a gastric lavage. Anger is absolutely counter-indicated; one should develop generosity in themselves. It is good to start on this lunar day a cycle of physical exercises or a big informational cycle. In the medical aspect, one should turn their attention to the mouth, teeth, the upper part of the palate. Those born on this day tend to take everything into themselves. In undeveloped people, this shows in the form of predatoriness, greediness; they eat everything indiscriminately but never gain weight.The stones of this day - jade, chalcedony, agate.

Influence on health: Mouth and teeth are active. Clean frontal and maxillary (Highmore) sinuses. Diet is favorable.

Nutrition tips: These days you can make a list of suitable food. See the reaction on each food you take. If you like certain food - it suits you, otherwise do not take it. In general, prefer delicate food. Dry fasting is allowed. Avoid meat and alcohol.

Lunar Day 2 Dreams

Dreams of the second lunar day can be pointers to the way of some karmic problems solution, especially if these problems began to show themselves in life. Therefore, you should be especially careful to these dreams. Dreams in this day reveal to us what is recorded in our subconscious minds and controls us in everyday life. Before going to sleep you can identify the problem to work. If in this day you had a dream, where you can not overcome any obstacle, in life you will overcome easily.

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