5 Moon Day

According to Vedic tradition, the fifth Moon Day is accepted as a generally lucky day when involving actions which will bear advantages. It is also good for people who want to start a new venture. On the other hand, the European tradition believes that today is highly unlucky and will bring about losses and potentially fatal diseases.

5 Moon Day Interpretation

The symbol is Unicorn which means, among other things, truthfulness to one’s principles and duty. In this lunar day that symbolizes the beginning of assimilation and transformation of food, one should pay much attention to the food. Food of animal origin is counter-indicated, it is better to give preference to milk and cheese. It would be make a trip to somewhere, to gather and dry herbs, to make a tincture, to part with tears with something you don’t need. One should not fuss or fast.

Influence on health: Oesophagus is active. It is good to eat diary foods. Fasting is not recommended.

Nutrition tips: Be especially careful with the food because this day symbolizes the beginning of digestion and transformation of food you take. This is the only day when the food burns down and completely converts into tissues. Follow your instinct when choosing the food. Yogi usually do the same - buy a lot of different food and eat what they want. Do not overeat, be satisfied. Milk and curd are the best food this day. Fruits and honey are preferable. Do not fasting, avoid meat, nuts, fermented cabbage, floury, grains, seeds, roughage and alcohol.

Lunar Day 5 Dreams

In this day a good dream may come true, but disturbing dream is a warning. If you saw crying yourself in a dream, don’t be scared, this is a good sign. If your dreams are connected with a road, with movement - it means you are all well. If you dream of something unpleasant is the token to take care of your health. Also, these dreams can show how do you cope with their task. Upon careful analysis you can see how your evolution is going on - are you changing or moving in a circle.

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