14 Moon Day

Major traditions contradict each other when it comes to the 14th Moon Day. The Vedic tradition advises against beginning a new endeavor especially if it is linked to financial and traveling aspects in your life. Meanwhile, Globa states that it is perfectly fine for business dealings whereas the European tradition maintains that today is a generally joyous day.

14 Moon Day Interpretation

The symbol is trumpet. The is a day to begin any important endeavour, to use information, to call for anything. Any liquid on this day brings pollution; dry fasting is indicated, as well as prayers, but not very diligent. Work with sacred texts as well as physical work can be recommended. Sadness, grief, melancholy are possible, as well as contacts with the other worlds. One should not practise any form of magic, overload their vision, use perfumes; it is better not to look in the mirror.

Influence on health: Intestine is active. It is better not drink much; dry fasting is favorable. Stomach and intestine cleaning are useful. Physical exercises are favorable. Take care of your vision.

Nutrition tips: Freshly prepared food plays an important role today. burnt-almond is the favorite p. Salt products are allowable. Do not take sweet and bittersweet food. Drink less water.

Lunar Day 14 Dreams

Dreams of this lunar day are not significant, but they can show your hidden ability which should be developed. Therefore they should be considered in this sense. Usually these dreams don’t come true. So, if you waked up with an unpleasant memories, don’t matter about that.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 92%
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous