21 Moon Day

Today is a great day for you to go out and make things happen for luck is on your side. You are recommended to go on journeys, get to know new friends, spend your leisure time entertaining yourself as well as indulge in outdoor sports. Furthermore, businessmen should be able to enjoy satisfactory results in gambling and business dealings. Lost something on the 21st Moon Day? It will definitely be located again soon.

21 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the horse. An active, creative day. Bravery, fearlessness, voluntary sacrifice, rejection of possessions. Group endeavours are useful, everything that brings people together, one can give an oath of loyalty. One should be honest and fair. It is good to start a journey, to change job, to take water treatments, to do physical exercises, to be in the open air. One should not blindly rush to a goal.

Influence on health: Loading of liver is contradicted. Blood cleaning procedures are advisable, as well as baths, tempering phytotherapy, any cleaning. Physical exercises, air baths.

Nutrition tips: This day the red products are recommended like pomegranate, cranberry, beetroot, carrot, cherry, red ashberry and freshly squeezed juices. Drink blood cleaning tea. Take any food you like, but do not overload liver and overeat sweets.

Lunar Day 21 Dreams

The main task of dreams this lunar day is to show how much is manifested your creative energy in the life - it is suppressed or it is harmonically used. In other aspects this dreams don’t matter and rarely come true.

Moon Days

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Moon Phase: Full Moon
Moon Phase: Full Moon