11 Moon Day

If you have been feeling jaded lately, the 11th Moon Day will surely give you a much deserved perk. You should schedule moving or changing a major element in your life to this day. Also useful for business owners who have suffered failure in the past. You should also make every effort to use this renewed energy into worthwhile endeavors while avoiding divergences and clashes of disagreements.

11 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - a fiery sword. The most energetically powerful day. One needs to be very cautious and attentive and attentive in pursuing any kind of activity. One can pray, undertake a cleansing but after a thorough preparation. It is better not to overload oneself and not to engage in anything serious when you don’t know something or when you are not cleansed. Anything started should be carried to the end. One should not take cutting tools, even to cut the bread, should not contact insects or kill them. Sign of danger - falling knives and forks.

Influence on health: Backbone is active. It is good to fast and clean oneself energy-wise. The day is suitable for liver cleaning.

Nutrition tips: This day the best food is fruits and juices. It is important to hear your vibrations. If you feel heaviness then start fasting. If you have physical load ahead eat high-caloric food. Usually this day is simultaneous with Ekadashi. During Ekadashi avoid taking bean, grain and vegetable oils, eat fruits, juices, salads, buckwheat and dairy produce. It is favorable to start long term fasting.

Lunar Day 11 Dreams

Dreams of this lunar day typically show how well we are moving in the material and the spiritual worlds. The images you saw quite clearly mean your position on this point in time. If your dream is good and you are in a positive role, it means that your development is going to the right direction. If in the dream you have caused trouble, it means in your life somewhere you are not doing right. Good dream on this day is to a happiness. It can carry useful information and as a rule come true. Sometimes on this lunar day you can not see the dreams, then the life allows you to relax, because this day are difficult and very energetic.

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