26 Moon Day

Luck is not on your side today. You must not begin new endeavors and instead you should act moderately while throwing out items that are dangerous or unnecessary. You should prevent from overspending and overexerting yourself. There is a silver lining however and the 26th Moon Day will let you see the true characters of people around you and unmask those who want to hurt you. Health is not optimal today.

26 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the toad. A critical day. Abstention, fasting, getting rid of unnecessary contacts, sober evaluation of reality, cognition of life and the worst side of people, removal of masks. Finding a Teacher or a tradition is desirable, verifying the truth of a teaching. It is better to refrain from an excessive activity, or you can outspend your energy, especially in an empty chat. One can confront sanctimony, vulgar materialism, robbery. One should resist the desire to credit themselves for all achievements. Meeting a person with full bags or buckets is a sign that life is going in the right direction. A thunderbolt in a dream or in reality is a warning about uncontrolled pride or vanity.

Influence on health: Hips and skin are active. Massage and sauna are very healthy. Do not extirpate teeth.

Nutrition tips: This day is energetically complicated. It is favorable to take delicate vegetable food. Avoid beans. Often this day is simultaneous with Ekadashi. During Ekadashi avoid taking grain and vegetable oils. Have a dinner out of buckwheat and vegetable salad. In the evening drink milk. Use melted butter. Do not take round vegetables. Potato, fish and herb are allowed. Fasting is allowed.

Lunar Day 26 Dreams

The dreams in this lunar day can show you a habits from which it would be good to get rid of. If in the dream you saw yourself as a dictator then possible you should reduce your pride. If in the dream your role is small, for example you saw yourself poor, it means you have a very low self-esteem. In this dreams you can see the secret side of your soul. If in the dream you saw a lightning it is a warning that you should tame the pride and vanity. In this day can be a dreams which improve your mood. The dreams in 26-th lunar day can come true, especially if they in color.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 50%
Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Moon Phase: Third Quarter