10 Moon Day

The tenth Moon Day is a special one as it is deemed lucky for most traditions. Those who want to begin a new business venture or perform a huge acquisition of asset will enjoy doing so in this auspicious day, as will those who want to travel. Babies born today will grow up to be individuals with a penchant of extended trips throughout their lives.

10 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - a fountain. The day for rest, for finding new sources of energy, for exploring the depths of your own nature, activating the carmic memory. Recommended are reflections on one’s family tree, meditation on one’s own karma in order to clarify the line of life, to strengthen one’s home and family. It would be good to start building something, to have a steam bath. One should not be selfish and superficial.

Influence on health: Bones of chest, prostate are active. Bath (sauna) and abundant drinking are advisable.

Nutrition tips: This day is connected with family traditions, therefore it is more important the society while taking food than food itself. Do not overeat. Drink herbal tea, natural juices and eat vegetable dishes. Do not overdo with alcohol. Fasting is allowable. Drink more water.

Lunar Day 10 Dreams

The 10-th lunar day is associated with family, lineage, generation and dreams in this day is also reflected this principle. So in the dream you can see relatives, spouse, children and even spiritual parents. If in the dream you saw the Guardian Spirit sort of be careful what it say, because through it you can come to any understanding for yourself, may be you will be provided with some support from the family or will be transferred the knowledge of the genus. A dreams in this lunar day can be quite light, bright and fantastic, but they typically do not matter. Disturbing dreams is necessary to understand and let them go. If you would like to take a moment and work with a family energy, before going to bed tune to it, and as soon as you waked up record all you saw.

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