23 Moon Day

Major traditions hold the 23rd Moon Day highly in regard for it is a rather positive day to enjoy. European tradition foretells that you will experience fortune and recognition in your daily endeavors but new beginnings are ideally not recommended. The Vedic tradition states that victory will be experienced throughout the day, and favors new beginnings. Meanwhile Globa suggests spending the day in atonement.

23 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the crocodile. One of the days of seduction, of vampires’ bacchanalia. The period of fasting, abstention, carefulness, repentance, forgiveness and self-sacrifice. This day is connected to hounding, manhunt, exile, encounter with a mad crowd. One should guard one’s house: clean it, sprinkle it with holy water, cleanse thresholds with fire, fumigate with Labrador tea and cumin. It is good to make cheese pies and to bake a nut into them. It is recommended to eat dairy products. It is dangerous to give way to anger, to overeat. One should not cut hair or nail, have a surgery, have a sedentary life.

Influence on health: Immunity gets weakened. Be attentive to your backbone. Surgical manipulations and haircut are not recommended. Move as much as possible.

Nutrition tips: Overeat is dangerous this day. fermented milk and milk products are favorable. The best menu is milk and custard pie with nut. Avoid meat, coffee and alcohol. Overeating can lead to the digestive tract troubles. Take less water. Fasting is allowed.

Lunar Day 23 Dreams

Today the dreams are deceptive and even opposite to reality. What you dream on this lunar day it is necessary to understand quite on the contrary. It is possible to have a bad dreams, which are related with the energy of the lunar day. Sometimes this dreams show where you do not accept yourself.

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Moon Phase: Third Quarter