27 Moon Day

It’s a most fortunate day today! However, the Veda believes you should refrain from traveling whereas Globa says otherwise. You should however avoid from consuming alcohol.

27 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - a wand. The day of acquiring of hidden knowledge. Meditation, intuitive insight, healing, prayers, verbal magic. One can travel, explore the world. It is better not to look into mirrors. One should not consume alcohol, fall into illusions.

Influence on health: Shins are active. Do not take alcohol.

Nutrition tips: Take any food you like, but don’t overeat, mostly meat. Use spices preparing fat food. It is preferable to use cardamom, turmeric, clove, pepper. Avoid potato and citreous. Custard pie is favorable. If necessary start fasting. Do not drink much.

Lunar Day 27 Dreams

It is a day when come true not only dreams but also signs. The dreams in this lunar day can give you a intuitive knowledge, understanding other people and events. They can reveal to you the true nature of things. For example, if you suspect someone in treachery and you dream, that he saves you out of the fire - it means your suspicions are unfounded and this man is a true friend, he can be trusted. But be attentive with the interpretation of this dreams, you can make a mistake, so it is better to consult the man who is well versed in the psychology of dreams.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 50%
Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Moon Phase: Third Quarter