20 Moon Day

A great day lies ahead and is right for starting new things. Tying the knot today will garner positive aura. On the other hand, the 20th Moon Day may be very trying for people who suffer from diseases. Babies whose birthdays fall on the 20th Moon Day may not possess a good temper.

20 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - the eagle. A serious day related to spiritual transformation, cognition of the cosmic law, overcoming the doubts. The best day for spiritual illumination, studying spiritual texts, fasting. It is better to spend it at home, being busy with family and traditional matters. Eagle is a symbol of religious feat. One should overcome pride, haughtiness, snappishness. Do not practise spiritual healing, you can exhaust yourself.

Influence on health: Shoulder-blades, upper back and peritoneum are active. Be attentive to your backbone. Good day for fasting.

Nutrition tips: Take any food you like except meat. It is preferable to experiment with new exotic recipes. the main thing is the food must be freshly prepared.

Lunar Day 20 Dreams

The dream can come true quickly. In this lunar day you can order the dream by wish. For example in the dream you can go where you want to visit. Also in this day you can try to enter in a dream of other people. By means of the dream in this day a solution of some problems is possible. Also a travelling in the subtle worlds is possible.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 99%
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous