8 Moon Day

It is a great day for taking long trips or traveling elsewhere for business related agendas. According to Vedic tradition the eighth Moon Day is ideal for taking part in art or physical related activities as well as dealings connected to property. This day also marks new beginnings but woe may befall those who have been afflicted with diseases.

8 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - phoenix. The day of penance, absolution, purification by fire, alchemy. The child born on this day will not be destined to have external beauty, so only through his intellect and knowledge, through good will and diligent work will he attract an attention to himself. One can fast, purge one’s stomach and intestine. It is good to prepare remedies for all illnesses. One should not be dissolute or egoistic.

Influence on health: Stomach cleaning and fasting is recommended. One could soften the organism for liver cleaning.

Nutrition tips: This day you can fasting or keep a vegetarian diet. If you are not vegetarian eat delicate food, cereals and fish. Avoid nicotine and alcohol.

Lunar Day 8 Dreams

In this lunar day dreams indicate your ability that you haven’t yet realized. You can see an indication of the problems from which you turned away in the past and forgot, but they need to be solved. You can see the tasks for which you have the power, do not turn away from them, try to use this power to resolve the assigned tasks. Also, the images of dreams at this time show the ability for your changing and transformation. So if you saw confined spaces and obstacles it means you don’t have changing. If on the contrary, you saw open spaces, fields, mountains, sea, beautiful and bright room, it means you are going in the right direction. Thus, the main task of dreams on this day is to show your predestination. Carefully consider your dreams and keep in mind that life is rarely sets before us the great tasks, it may be from your point of view a small task, but it will be of great value to you.

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Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous