7 Moon Day

Generally, today is considered a lucky day especially if you wish to begin a trip or be involved in vehicles. Want to have surgical or medical procedures done? Make sure you schedule it for today, as well as for exercises and basically activities that will not take long to complete. Meanwhile, you should also be mindful of your words and not divulge something to others when you did not mean to do so.

7 Moon Day Interpretation

Symbol - a rooster. Devoted to the avestian god Sraoshi. A day of serious provocations and adventures, prayer and verbal magic. Communication with the spirits of Nature is desirable. One should not tell lies, gossip, tear paper, break dishes, eat chicken or eggs, extract teeth. One can get rid of parasite words. Game-cock in a dream is a sign of a catastrophe either for the person himself or for his relatives.

Influence on health: Lungs are vulnerable. It is easy to catch cold. It is not advisable to take out teeth.

Nutrition tips: Main products to avoid this day are poultry meat, especially chicken meat and eggs. Eat more fruits – apples, dates, cherry, apricot. Drink wine and herbal tea (black tea is not recommended).

Lunar Day 7 Dreams

Dreams in this day may yield useful information, there are even prophetic. The dreams can come true, but not soon. In these dreams can be hints that could help to explain the meaning of your life. Pay special attention to the words that you heard in the dream. In this lunar day the subconscious communicates with us through the word. Words you heard in the dream it is desirable to record and during 7-th lunar day to be carefully what you hear from others, it can be important for you. On this day may be the Highest image and everything, that you hear from it, sure to be a direct guide to action.

Moon Days

Moon Now: 99%
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous